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Incubation Institute


African Business Incubation Institute

Our flexibility allows the ABII team to develop tailored solutions for its clients.

The African Business Incubation Institute (ABII) is a regional body of individuals and organizations dedicated to developing and supporting business incubation, accelerator and other Enterprise Development programmes across Africa.

Believing that the small business is the driver for the economic development of the continent, the broad base of members of the institute is committed to supporting the success of such programmes and their clients.

Mark Mpasa
Technology Consultant
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Frequently Asked Questions

According to the International Business Innovation Association (InBIA), business incubation is a dynamic process that accelerates the successful development of start-up and fledgling companies by providing entrepreneurs with an array of targeted resources and services.

Incubators nurture young firms, helping them to survive and grow during the startup period when they are most vulnerable. Incubators provide entrepreneurial counseling, access to financing and introduction to critical business and technical support services. They also offer entrepreneurial firms shared office services, access to equipment and flexible leases.

An incubator is a facility and/or program that provides start-up companies with an environment and a variety of business support resources and services to help them grow quickly and successfully.

To join an incubator usually you need to be part of a recruitment process whereby the Incubator would have a set of goals to reach either in terms of population, industry, geographical area or others.

You can research to find out which Incubator may be recruiting in the sector of your interest; Please, check through newspapers adverts, the internet, radio and television, social networks, and many other medium of communications that are used by companies or organisations in order reach candidates for their Incubation programme. You can also browse through this list of selected Incubation Programs and Enterprise Development initiatives:

- VC4A : ( )
- SEDA ( )

ABII is based in Pretoria, South Africa; Yes, we will be happy to run workshops anywhere as required under certain condition. Workshops in other countries need to have sufficient interest i.e. 15 participants and preferably a host organization that do all the local logistics. This also applies to regional workshops such as requests to do workshops in East or West Africa. Please, send any query or request to